Known for its cool, mild climate, fog and immense mountains, Abha City is the bride of the south and the administrative center of the Aseer Province. Abha is rich with natural scenery and mild climate in summer. It includes a large number of monuments and palaces, such as Shada Palace and the Rejal Alma, as well as old traditional markets like Tuesday Market, where you can buy precious antiques and souvenirs. There are also many modern commercial centers scattered in the city.

The surrounding areas

Abha’s green mountains, stretching plains and colorful heritage buildings make this city a delightful and scenic destination. The mild weather in the summer gives you many opportunities to visit a large number of the most beautiful historic, cultural and natural sites, such as the Heritage Village of Rejal Alma, many popular markets, and the Al-Dehna’ waterfall.

Rejal Alma Heritage Village

This village is rich in both culture and nature and draws a large number of visitors who come to see its buildings on the edges of mountain cliffs and remarkable hanging ladders dating back more than 500 years. It is the most fascinating and most famous heritage village and features unique examples of stone palaces, some eight floors high. This village is also where some of the most famous ancient artistic inscriptions can be found. It is the site of the famed Alma palace, which is more than 400 years old and was converted into a museum to preserve the heritage of the ancient village. You can enjoy a cable car tour and enjoy tasty dishes and amazing scenic views from the local restaurants.