Don’t miss the chance to visit the city of Ha’il, where you will discover an ancient civilization that still lives on through the city’s antiquities, heritage, culture and the ancient Arab traditions of the locals. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised with the vibrant atmosphere and the enthusiast appreciation by locals for exploring the deserts and valleys when the weather is cool. Other outdoor activities include mountain climbing, bird hunting, and even rally racing! Great adventures await you in Ha’il!

Ha’il and Surrounding Areas

When visiting Ha’il you can travel through the countryside in 4x4s, mountain climb in Nafud Al Kabir, or head west of the city to explore the mountaintops of Aja, where you will find a maze of rugged granite peaks. These mountains are home to numerous springs, marshes and freshwater lagoons, as well as palm tree and acacia oases. It is a beautiful setting where visitors can see a variety of wildlife and take memorable photos, climb mountains, take hikes and enjoy nature and animals in a natural environment.

Nafud Genna

If you looking for excitement, adventure, and challenging sand sports, then all you have to do is drive your 4x4 30 km outside Ha’il to Nafud Genna to enjoy its sky-high sand dunes. Climbing these dunes is a big challenge enjoyed by many enthusiasts and is a very popular activity. The site is a fantastic spot for sand boarding and tour operators hold competitions there.

Ha’il Regional Museum

Located in the Jam’eyeen Quarter, this museum is a large gallery set within the historical Qishleh building. The gallery houses display cases for artifacts, panels of texts, images, maps, transcripts, and items of clothing from different periods that tell the history and tales of the region. A large, new museum is now being constructed, and it will become one of Ha’il's major attractions.

Jubbah Archeological City

This is one of the most significant and largest archeological sites in Saudi Arabia, where ancient illustrations and inscriptions are found throughout the Sanman Mountains as well as other nearby mountains. The inscriptions date back to three separate periods. The site is located on a dry lake surrounded by the sand dunes of Nafud AlKabir. To the west and south are sedimentary mountains such as Um Sanman, Ghootah, Shuwaihit, and Unaizah. SCTA has requested that the rock inscription sites at Jubbah and Shuwaimis in Ha’il Province be registered under UNESCO’s World Heritage List.