The glistening sea, unique islands, majestic mountains and vast plains make Jazan a diverse and memorable place to visit. Additionally, its forests, lakes, and waterfalls offer picturesque settings for visitors to relax and enjoy nature.

Known as the Pearl of the South, Jazan is also distinguished by the generosity and hospitality of its people, who will welcome you to enjoy their city, their culture and the beauty of Jazan and its surrounding areas.

Jazan and around

Jazan is a place of diversity with many excellent destinations for visitors to enjoy. If you are looking for summer fun, head to Fifa Mountains, which are covered with breathtaking greenery and colorful fragrant flowers. If you are a lover of beaches, make sure to visit Beesh Beach, where gentle waves caress the golden sands. And, if you are a fan of marine adventures, a visit to the Farasan Islands offers the most beautiful beaches and exquisite natural coral reefs. Here you will discover and amazing array of marine creatures and underwater nature through a most unforgettable diving experience.

The Hot Spring in Al-Khoubah

It is located at 75 km from Jazan city and considered one of the most important therapeutic hot springs in the region. The water temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius, and it is known to contain 14 chemical elements, and gamma and alpha rays that are good for the treatment of skin diseases and as a cure for rheumatism.


Jazan Province is known for its picturesque and pristine sandy beaches and calm, turquoise waters, which provides marine enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the underwater world. In the depths of the ocean, some of the most beautiful and brightly colored coral reefs will surround you, as schools of exotic fish swim leisurely by. As you explore this undersea world, you will discover fascinating creatures that you have never seen before.

The Hot Spring in Bani Malik

Located about 122 km from Jazan, this is also an important local hot water springs with water temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius. Similar to Al-Khoubah, the hot spring contains 14 chemical elements, and gamma and alpha rays. All necessary services and facilities are provided in separate sections set aside for men and another for women.

Beesh Beach

Beesh Beach is located 24 km from the Beesh Township and is famous for its fascinating sand dunes and scenic natural environment. It is also very well suited for swimming, and for seeing many different kinds of birds and marine creatures.