A city well known for its diverse cultures, breathtaking beaches, traditional souks reflecting the local customs, attractive folklore and mouthwatering traditional dishes.

Spend a short break or a weekend on Jeddah’s coasts and enjoy the sunset and sunrise along with the sound of the rushing waves. Experience historical sites, souks, culture filled festivals and events, and shop in large upscale commercial centers.

The city that never sleeps won’t allow you to sleep from all the variety it offers. To discover Jeddah you will have to sail its raging coasts, visit the luxurious Corniche, devour popular seafood delicacies, enjoy majestic palaces, and historical and archeological landmarks.

For a longer vacations, wishing to extend your holiday go ahead and discover the diversity in neighboring tourism destinations such as Riyadh, Taif, and Medina.

Historical Jeddah

Historical Jeddah is considered an open air museum for the generations. It contains heritage that tells the history of Jeddah. It is located in the city center and comprises a plenty of historical places. Because of its location, it was considered as a port for Makkah to receive the province’s traders and visitors of all nationalities. A major landmark is the Jeddah Wall, built to protect it against outside attacks. Also, there are inner districts that tell the story of a beautiful past in addition to several historical mosques and markets still visited by locals today.

Jeddah Corniche

The Northern Corniche extends from the Gulf of Salman north of Sharm of Ubhor to the Southern Corniche of Jeddah and the Jeddah Islamic Port. The importance of such areas, as integrated entertainment zones is apparent in the utilization of the vast waterfront and its transformation into tourism areas with the establishment of numerous luxury hotels, such as the Park Hyatt Jeddah, which includes a marina for yachts, and Jeddah Intercontinental hotel, and Jeddah Hilton hotel. Enjoy the beauty of the beach and recreational services that make it easier for families to enjoy the time they spend, especially since the area is close to the city center.


Ubhur water bay had black basaltic rocks on a hill showing forms of human and animal shapes: cows, hunting dogs and a crab-like form. The Antiquities and Museums Agency conducted a small excavation, 400 m away from the hill, where sea shells, broken pottery and coffee cups made of fine china were found.