Najran is a city filled with incredible examples of archeology, history and civilization, providing the visitor with an endless diversity of attractions and activities.

The expansive landscapes and sand dune formations in the nearby Empty Quarter are amazing to view. Natural reserves, parks and recreational cities provide plenty of things to do and places to visit. Najran is truly the land of nature, history, heritage and biodiversity!

Najran and the Surrounding Area

From ancient palaces and castles to natural parks and gardens, Najran is diverse in its attractions and holds something for every traveler. Whether you choose to explore ancient history in the archaeological city of Okhdood, visit the Antiquities and Heritage Museum of Najran, or spend a day at King Fahd Park, you will always find something interesting and enjoyable to do.

Camel and horse races

Camel and horse races are organized on a regular basis in Najran. The horse track is located near the highway east of Najran, whereas the camel track is located near the highway to the north. Najran’s annual Camel beauty pageant draws participants from across Saudi Arabia as well as contestants coming from as far as the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.