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About Saudi Rehab Expo

With the growing population and the growing number of diseases in the world, disability is becoming bigger issue on our hands. Especially in the vast populated area of Saudi Arabia. In the past years disability have become a major problem and there are so many factors which is responsible for this dangerous disease from which the major is accidents and as we know that the rate of car accidents are quite higher in Saudi Arabia as compare to other countries.

But some of the disabilities can be cured if treated properly and for that we are going to organize this amazing event which is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. In this event we will give knowledge to the people that how disability can be treated and can be cured. There will be many topics regarding rehabilitation and disability which will be covered by this exhibition. For example: how to treat a disable person like any other normal person so they won’t feel that they are not the part of the society. How the families and relatives should treat the disabled person. We will be showing many latest technologies and equipment that will be useful for the disabled people and in the rehabilitation process.

So in short this exhibition is a huge opportunity and a good cause for the disable society and we should join hands together and welcome them in our society because they are one of us. The Saudi Rehab Expo is a must attend exhibition and will be beneficial for the disabled people and their families.

Dates and Location for the event:

14 – 16 May 2017 at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC).

For more information about the event or for booking your booth, space or sponsorship please contact the above given numbers or email us on the provided email addresses.

Hill MICE, the contracted body assigned by the Association for the implementation of this major event in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, will exert all of its effort, expertise and innovation in organizing specialized exhibitions to attract all corporations from the public and private sectors with competence in the provision of care in general and care of persons with disability in particular for the purpose of participating or sponsoring, thus granting them the opportunity to play an effective role towards this vital category of society, by providing the requirements to help them integrate into society and to become capable of giving and exerting.

Your participation in the Saudi Rehab Expo 2016, will pave the way for our beloved with disabilities to enable them to assert their reliabilities and highlight their abilities to walk on the footprints of willpower and defy the challenge, along with that it will add to your experience and enrich your extensive knowledge in this area.