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Exhibition Objectives

  • Meeting with (public / private) local and international parties that manufacture or market the requirements of persons with disabilities or provide various forms of care and rehabilitation for them.
  • Getting acquainted with the latest developments, research, systems and tools that will meet the different needs of people with disabilities - whether: instructional, educational, therapeutic, recreational, technological, tourist, service or living standards.
  • Marketing and purchasing requirements for persons with disabilities and offer and receive services directly.
  • Finding a distinct competitive atmosphere to offer services for people with disabilities within the highest and best standards.
  • Encouraging investment in all fields interested in persons with disabilities, and to providing all means to ensure its success.
  • Supporting people with disabilities within the community and backing their integration with all business to achieve the desired development.
  • Reuniting all parties concerned and interested in the work of persons with disabilities in one place once every year, and booking a specific date for them annually on the map of international specialized exhibitions.


When Newton was asked: Why did you achieve what the preceding scientists did not achieve? He said: I stood on the shoulders of prominent scientists and I saw what the others did not see. This meaning is what the Exhibition intend to incarnate in putting all requirements of modern studies, research, laws and regulations related to persons with disabilities in the hands of involved and interested investors in this area. The Exhibition will form a better ground of a sharp vision to put the ultimate developments on this front under one roof in an event that is the first of its kind and shall the be most prominent in the Middle East..


We, at the Saudi Rehab Expo 2017, seek to achieve several objectives that form the core themes of our mission, including:

  • Highlighting the significance of persons with disabilities within their environment and social surroundings.
  • Providing the latest findings of modern science, research and integrated requirements for all persons with disabilities.
  • Creating job opportunities for qualified and eligible persons with disabilities, within a healthy work environment to help them continue in their career development in all fields.
  • Promoting for successful investment in all sectors interested in providing services to people with a disability (learning, educational, therapeutic, recreational, technological, tourism, service and living standards).
  • Changing the prevailing stereotype in mind of the community about persons with disabilities.
  • Enhancing and maximizing the role of social responsibility programs in public institutions and corporations - public and private - geared for people with disabilities.