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Strategic Significance

Why Saudi Arabia?

Based on all the previous facts, and taken them as the mainstay of the objectives set for (Saudi Rehab Expo 2015), on the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the special studies conducted on the number of persons with disabilities in the Kingdom, which indicates that the number will be the equivalent to 720,000 disabled and that the services provided to them do not exceed 3%, a conclusion took place in the decision to work on organizing this Exhibition to make a distinctive and quantum leap to mark a milestone in the field of specialized exhibitions, which bear in mind providing integrated solutions of the highest and strictest international quality standards.

Who are the people with disabilities?

The National Law issued by the Royal Decree No. (M / 37) dated 09/23/1421 for the care of persons with disabilities, had identified a person with a disability as any person with total or partial failure in a stable manner in their physical, sensory, mental, communicative, educational or psychological abilities to the extent that it reduces the possibility of meeting the normal requirements of the conditions of the class of non-disabled, and identified the disability as injury of one or more of the following disabilities: visual impairment, hearing impairments, mental retardation, physical and kinetic disability, learning difficulties, speech and utterance disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders, double and multiple disabilities, autism and other disabilities that require special care.


Table number (1) refers to the types of disabilities located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the numbers in each of them:

Disability Type Number % Percentage
Physical Disabilities 16500 15.6%
Mental Disabilities 21326 20.2%
Senses Disabilities (sensory) 3324 3.1%
Psychiatric Disabilities 1298 1.1%
Sickness disabilities 21370 20.2%
Compound Disabilities 42111 39.8
Total 105929 100%

Table (2) shows the number of disability cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general:

Region Number of disability cases % Percentage
Central Region 25389 23.9
Western Region 24198 22.9
Eastern Region 18554 17.5
Southern Region 28087 26.5
Northern Region 9701 9.2
Total 105929 100%

From the above tables, we can find that the percentage of compound disabilities is the highest among the various disability types, which that ratio gives an important indicator of what should be provided as the requirements to help this category to adapt to their surroundings. In addition to this and other groups need the services of a particular kind; to help them to engage smoothly and safely within their societies. This is what the Exhibition is seeking to give them; in accordance with the accurate, highest quality and standards and within the highest levels of service.