The City of Riyadh

The city of Riyadh is both a modern metropolis and a historical and cultural treasure. Its characteristics are diverse, from shimmering golden sand dunes, to modern shopping malls, distinctive heritage and cultural sites to urban construction styles. Such diversity makes Riyadh the heart of life and vitality in the Kingdom.

Riyadh and the Surrounding

Due to the strategic location of Riyadh, it has a rich and diverse history reflecting the influences of several civilizations established in the region.

Visitors to Riyadh can travel through time and discover the most beautiful heritage and cultural sites. For instance, the historical Dir’iyah is one of the World Heritage Sites that encompasses the history of the kingdom through its old buildings, castles, and historical villages such as the Al Ghat village. There are also many magnificent landscapes and natural environments to enjoy, such as the Wadi Hanifah, which is the most spectacular natural site in the Riyadh Province.

Historical Area

The rich history of Riyadh can be discovered and experienced through its many museums, castles and other historical landmarks. This history of this diverse city spans thousands of years and tells millions of stories from the beginning of time. Riyadh is truly a remarkable the blend of past, present and the future.


Founded in 1446 by Maani Al Muraidi, an ancestor of the Saudi royal family, Dir’iya served as the capital of the first Saudi state from 1744 to the early 1800s. The city is a very popular tourist destination and it features a variety of fascinating places to discover. These include the Turaif district (the place of government and the ruling family), which is a World Heritage Site and includes a number of magnificent buildings, the Salwa Palace, the house of money and other huge mud constructions.

Other places of interest include the Guest House and the At-Turaif Bath House, courtyards, a mosque and more.

Wadi Hanifah

Wadi Hanifah is a popular tourist destination for those who want to go hiking and spend a relaxing day in the clean, wide-open spaces. There are various scenic views, and numerous natural formations and environmental elements. Such elements include Sud Al-Elb Park, Sud Wadi Hanifa Park, Stone Dam Park, Factories Lake Park, and the Jaz’ah Lake Park. All of these facilities are equipped with seating for hikers, pedestrian walkways and parking areas.

Tourism Activities

Riyadh is a vibrant city with an endless list of activities to do and places to see. From adventures and sports, antiquities to sightseeing, shopping malls to markets, there are opportunities here for everyone, no matter what your interest is.


The first survey was conducted thirty-two years ago, showing that the Aredh (Najd) area has witnessed a sophisticated civilization during the Neolithic period (8000 years ago). Houses and settlement spread all around Thumamah on the banks of the valleys, and on the slopes of the mountains. In addition, there were a large group of stone tools testifying to the great skill of artisan and manufacturers.